How to use React useState HOCK

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Ahmed jadan

Ahmed Ja'dan

Hello world! 👋

Hey, I am Ahmed, and this is my first post ever. i always wanted to have a website to document my learning jurney and to share the knowledge to the world, and today is the day!.

since i started my journey being self study student, i found that learning by writing is the best way to grasp things quickly.

if you want to learn it, blog about it.

this is the first phrase every begginer in the world of programming and web development in general is using. for me it was on the note pad editor. i am still remember that feeling when the hello world printed to the screen between <h1> tags.

About this website

As you can see it's going to be as my main portfolio to showcasing my latest work. and to document that journey. so, this website will contain:

  • some blog posts in English and Arabic.
  • portfolio showcasing latest works and projects.
  • open source projects, as pinned repositories section.
  • short code snippets

you can read this post in Arabic by pressing the AR on the top nav.